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"We needed to provide a native speaker for Business English lecturers, and Teheso seems to be an excellent choice after primary experience."

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“We wanted to provide our people with lessons focused on strengthening conversation and breaking down communication barriers in a foreign language. We appreciate the individual approach of a teacher to each student and their adaptation, not only in terms of language proficiency, but also in their professional and personal needs. Our employees agree that studying with TEHESO gives them confidence in their speaking skills. Linking our staff with American lecturers was the right decision.”

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“We were surprised from the first trial lesson how relaxed and natural English lessons can be. Although the lesson is conducted online, the conversations happen in a friendly and personal way. Our people studying with Teheso confirm their progress for themselves. Colleagues with busy schedules, in particular, appreciate the flexibility to plan lessons that they easily adapt to their busy work program.”

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“With a growing number of international conference calls, the need to communicate more clearly also increased. Learning from a native speaker has therefore become necessary. TEHESO has clearly won from a choice of three services offering English lessons, thanks to the quality of the teachers, the individual approach and the Czech background. ”

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